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Welcome to Boutique Framing, your premier destination for expert picture framing in Ascot, Brisbane.

I'm Peter, and as the proud owner, I took the reins of this family-owned and operated business in early 2022, continuing a legacy of providing exceptional framing services for the past 8 years. Our focus on customer service, meticulous frame design, and quality workmanship ensures that each piece we frame tells a unique story, capturing the essence of your cherished moments. We welcome customers from all across Brisbane, and beyond, to experience our unparalleled framing expertise and make their memories truly timeless.

Whether you have a piece of valuable art, or just a piece that's a priceless memory for you, drop into our show room and we will be happy to design a frame that shows off your style while preserving your precious memories.

Discover the artistry of specialty design at Boutique Framing in Ascot, Brisbane. This captivating picture showcases a one-of-a-kind custom frame, meticulously handcrafted to complement the artwork's essence. Our skilled designers combine creativity and expertise to curate exclusive specialty frames tailored to your unique preferences. Elevate your masterpieces with our exceptional specialty framing services, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality to your cherished artworks.


At Boutique Framing, our mission is to transform cherished moments into timeless treasures. Our unwavering commitment ensures that each framed piece captures the essence of your memories, creating a lasting legacy that transcends borders and touches hearts throughout Brisbane and beyond.

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Our vision at Boutique Framing is to be the premier destination for custom picture framing, where cherished memories and artistic expressions come to life. As a family-owned and operated small business, we strive to create a warm and inviting space where customers' stories are preserved and celebrated through expertly crafted frames.

We envision building lasting relationships with our clients by consistently delivering exceptional customer service, innovative frame design, and unmatched workmanship, extending our reach and touching hearts across Brisbane and beyond.

Step inside Boutique Framing's state-of-the-art on-site workshop in Ascot, Brisbane. This captivating picture offers a glimpse of our skilled framers, meticulously crafting custom frames with passion and precision. With cutting-edge tools and expertise, we create tailored masterpieces that perfectly complement your artwork. Experience the art of framing firsthand with our on-site workshop services, where creativity meets craftsmanship to elevate your cherished pieces.
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